Thursday, September 20, 2012

35 weeks and Hike Trailing

So we took the short hike trail at the forest near Jerusalem, it was A W E S O M E. The weather, the air, the trees... it was Heaven. I think I am the only one who was so calm and relaxed, everyone (it was 10 of us) sought I will give birth in the next hill or something. Hubby was pale as a ghost and I felt just great and noticed that only at the end of our hike.
 Here kids are still clean and neat
 Me and my sis, love you!!!!
My mom is a Pilates fan, she is in great shape and felt great all the way.
 My aunt taking them through the tough way, they love it
And my sweetie, he was stressed out all the way, poor baby, LOVE you!!!!
At the end of the trail we went to Abu Gosh Restaurant, and of-course my sugar level was up on the mountains after their feast, it was yummy.

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