Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nature in the Winter

In Israel we have no snow, almost, but we have rains, lot of them some times. After those rains, nature that was sleeping through all summer is waking up. Just a couple of month ago, it was all yellow and dry, and now it's succulent, green, vivacious, it's alive! So we went to Jerusalem's forests to be witness of that miracle.
Trying to blow of the dandelion, I guess it was the wrong type of a dandelion, because it didn't worked.
Kids found this stick that was eaten bu worms I think, and they left some interesting paths, looks like artistic wood carving.
 So beautiful and so gentle Narcissus.
Absolutely stunning Autumn crocus
Kids looking for more interesting sticks, they all left in the care on our way back home, it was a pile of little sticks. have to think what to do with them now.
Don't know why, but I love this pick.
I loved that walk in the woods, kids loved it too, it was great Saturday morning activity, after that it was a dinner and a homework...

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