Saturday, September 18, 2010

Important facts about Macro Shooting for more clear and focused pics

Learn to control your camera don't let it control you!



I've recently learned that reading manuals is very helpful.
I have an old camera 5 year old Canon, I have tried so hard to take great photos with it, but it always was a case of luck. I was thinking every time I had to take a pic, would it be in focus and crisp? But it wasn't, and I had to take about 10-15 shoots and maybe couple would be OK - huge time consuming!

So I sought why not to read the camera's manual (I have lost the original from the box) and I've googled it! I have typed "Canon PowerShoPowerShot A510", and what a surprise - a PDF file! 163 pages!

I have red them all (well almost, you will know what you need). I've looked for macro shooting and focus for macro shooting, it was all there, all the options.
I did it all and the photos become much much more crisp and focused, you can compare with my old ones - huge difference!

So what I did (for Canon users)
I have found that AiAF option on your camera should be off, it will guarantee that the focus will be in one point, in the center, no meter what.
You have to work in Program AE mode (it's letter P on dialing weal) I am positive you have worked always on Auto mode, well P is much better.
So, you've shut the AiAF function off (you can find it on the menu), turned to P mode, now you have to choose mattering mode, go to Func. menu, select metering mode and choose spot (setting exposure on the subject in the center of the monitor).

That's it! Now go shoot your wonderful creations (better on the daylight), then you can fix the pics on your favorite program - mine is Picasa.
And here is manual I was using PowerShot A510

Thank you for reading and have a great pics!

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