Friday, May 28, 2010

So Cute And Tiny

I have Stumbled Bijoutiful on Etsy forums, her name is Amber and her jewelry are delightful and delicate, I love it!
A little bit about her in her own words:
"...Amber is just a girl from Barbados with a torch & an ever-growing arsenal of tools & equipment. She is completely self-taught, too (so far)! To date, she's extremely comfortable with several jewelry-making techniques, such as:

setting stones
wire-wrapping & stringing
texturing--hammers, roll printing, abrasives,
a mild form of etching (never any acid)
torch-firing enamels..."
"...While others like to use vintage brass & copper as is, Amber prefers to change it up & give it new life--a sort of restoration, if you will. She never uses any harsh chemicals during the fabrication process, and uses liver of sulfur to oxidize & darken the metal when the design calls for such treatment..."

1 comment:

Bijoutiful said...

You are so kind, Viktoria! Thank you!!

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