Sunday, December 6, 2009

New pation for sparkling, cute, little stars

Lately I've began creating those tiny sparkling charms in variety of colors, you can wear them with any outfit at any occasion.
Don't know why I have crave for those cutes, maybe because I've found a bag of crystals that I totally forgot about them ( just madly in love with those little stars), or maybe it's winter and I miss the sun?
Any way, here I am, thinking what to do with them, and they must be the main feature of course, and woallah! Just decorated them with my favorite media - polymer clay!
It worked just swell, I've loved the outcome and so will kip making them in more colors.


Primary Work at Home said...

I like this pieces. Elegant and unique.

d'une grande ouverture d'esprit said...

This Necklace is very pretty,
I saw the book is german, what title has the book??
Have nice evening

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