Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We don't have baby shower parties, what a shame!

A new baby is always a blessing to any family. Expectant parents have gone to a lot of preparations for the baby's coming. The joy that is being felt by the family is extended towards close friends and relatives as well, such that these people are also excited as they await for the baby. What makes the coming of the baby more exciting is the baby shower that is given to expectant mothers a few months before they give birth. There are plenty ideas for the party favors and gifts, the most common is a diaper cake, you can order one or make it your self as Robin North from Sweet Little Memories did, this will be much more fun and personal gift for a future mother to receive.

Unfortunately in Israel we don't make baby shower party, we are very superstitions and don't buy anything for the baby before it's born, I think we miss a lot of fun.

Here some other ideas for party favors


TheNikiProject said...

It's true, baby showers can be fun. Especially when you play dorky games. :) Sorry that you guys don't celebrate over there. Or do you just wait until after the baby is born to celebrate?

VISART - DaLi Designs said...

We wait, and have some sort of party, but without games and party favors, boring

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